Tuesday, October 12, 2010


It seems as if each day brings breaking news of yet another male celebrity philanderer, and we have to admit it makes us a little nervous. Still, we're not buying the excuse that men aren't wired for monogamy, which is why we liked these man-devised tips that provide an even-handed approach as to why affairs happen — and how we can prevent them in our relationships. —Glo

1. Appreciation, Not Apathy
2. It's Never Just About the Sex
3. Have an Empathetic Ear
4. The Friendship Factor
5. Grow (Up) Together
6. No Subject Should Be Out-of-Bounds
7. Talk Is Good, but Action Can Be Better
8. Reimagine Masculinity
9. Do Not Fear Your Dark Sides
10. Absence Does Make the Heart Grow Fonder

This list comes from an article found in Women's Day.  The Article is called:  STAYING FAITHFUL 10 Way to Prevent an Affair.  The article was written by Brendan Tapley - May 19, 2010


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