Friday, October 15, 2010


I recently came across an article written by Doreen Virtue:

"When I began surveying men about romance, I expected to read many answers that connected sex to love and romance.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that the men's answers were much more removed from the act of intercourse than I expected."

"Here's a list of the actions most often cited by men as turn-ons leading to a romantic mood, listed in order from most to least frequent:

  1. Being with a woman who looks good or dresses seductively.
  2. A home-cooked dinner
  3. Non-sexual touching, such as hugging, massaging, or caressing.
  4. Eye contact or a special way of looking at each other.
  5. Low lights or candlelight.
  6. Having a partner who makes a special effort to make a romantic evening.
  7. Having a partner who is spontaneious or who surprises me.
  8. Kissing
  9. Soft music
  10. Wine or champagne (sparkling cider works too :))
  11. A woman who smells great
  12. A quiet atmostphere
"All these turn-ons strike me as gentle, tender expressions of male and femal bonding.  A romantic setting is very important to a man -- he enjoys dimmed lights, soft music and a quiet atmosphere.  His romantic mood is aroused when his femal partner puts a special effort into making him feel like a king."

I was surprised that many of things in this list are the same things that I enjoy.  It shouldn't be hard to figure out how to keep the romance alive in marriage.

Just some food for thought.

Happy Romancing!

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